Nineteenth Century Baseball: Knickerbocker Rules

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The time before the Civil War in America was an era when the country was still considered to be in its developmental stages and was in the process of creating its own identity. There were many new ideas and interests that captivated the public and helped to define America during this time period. One of those main ideas became so popular that it is still considered a major interest today, and that is sports. Although America was still a relatively new country and there were many activities that young men could participate in, nevertheless many people were drawn to sports, particularly baseball, because it offered a new American game with numerous benefits. Baseball eventually elevated to the status of the “National Pastime” because of its immense popularity. Baseball was a sport that was created in America, not simply a game brought to the country that had been previously played in another part of the world. The first written rules were recorded by the New York Knickerbocker baseball club, which brought together the rules of many small games such as town ball, rounders, and base; and unified them into a single game which could be spread throughout the country without a discrepancy in the rules. Baseball became popular among young men for numerous reasons, all of which were beneficial to a person. One of the biggest reasons that many young men liked it is because it gave them something to do after they got out of work at the factories. A chance to be outside and get some fresh air was very appealing among men who worked in factories and were often working eight to twelve hours a day. A chance to be outside and get exercise was both appealing and beneficial to their overall health. Another very important factor in why baseball became such a popular sport was the urbanization of many areas and the rise of cities. “The evolution of the city, more than any other

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