All for the Love of the Game

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All for the Love of the Game Have you loved something so much it became an addiction? Were you ever a hero at one point? I can say I experienced all these through the game of softball; a game that I knew as a child that became more than just a sport. Through the game of softball I have learned many things, for example how to become a team player. I learned how to have sportsmanship. As a teammate I learned other’s strengths and weaknesses. It has taught me communication on the field whether I’m on defense or offense. Dugout chanting always brings the team’s spirits together in a positive way. Softball also taught me to be responsible, and being responsible played a big role in being a team captain. My teammates I played with felt like family. When I step on the field I become invincible. My adrenaline starts going and I can hear my heart beating faster. My thoughts as a catcher are to make my team proud and to only worry about the game. Each and every game has my full attention because I’m eager to get that win. If I, as a catcher, make an astounding play, I become a hero from my position. I see everything that happens on the field, this gave me a skillful advantage. If I was to only think of myself during the game we would not have a happy ending. Therefore, I learned how to make sacrifices which would better the team. The definition of passion is, a strong liking or desire for, or devotion to some activity. I love softball and I can honestly say that it was my first love. My skills if softball grew vastly, not just from luck but being devoted to the sport and by constant practice. I was careless about my cuts and bruises; pain to me was only temporary. If I made mistakes I did not quit. I was coached to learn from them and ask questions. As a kid I looked up to a specific softball player. Her name is Jenny Finch; she played for University of Arizona. At the

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