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Fernando Valenzuela For my Hispanic Heritage assignment I chose the great Dodger pitcher, Fernando Valenzuela. I decided to write about the Dodger legend because both my dad and grandpa would always tell me how much they loved the way Fernando Valenzuela pitched. They especially loved it when the Dodgers won the World Series in 1981 against the Yankees behind Fernando’s pitching. A reason why Fernando Valenzuela was famous was because he won the “Rookie of The Year,” and the “CY Young Award,” all in one year. Fernando’s first full season in 1981, this was also his greatest achievement as a Hispanic person. Fernando Anguamea Valenzuela was born in Etchohuaquila, Mexico, on November 1, 1960. He was the 7th of the 12 kids in his family. He grew up with a humble family on a small farm. With many difficulties in his childhood, before he started to play ball. Before “Fernando Mania,” the star a left handed pitcher played for leagues in Guanajuato and Yucatan. In 1981 the Dodgers discovered him. And that’s were it all began. In 1977 a Los Angeles scout discovered Valenzuela in a Mexican baseball league. In 1981 Fernando Valenzuela pitched his first ever Major League game. His outstanding pitching led the Dodgers to the “World Series” the Dodgers won against the Yankees that year, and Valenzuela won the “CY Young award,” and the “Rookie Of The Year.” He soon burst on the scene, fans increased by 9,000 every time to see Valenzuela pitch. This was known as “Fernando mania” at Dodger Stadium. He was also given the nickname “El Torro,” but that reign would soon end in 1991, when he was released by the Dodgers. He would not play baseball until 1993 when he was scattered around the league playing for the Padres, the California Angeles, St. Louis Cardinals, and the Philadelphia Phillies. He would later end his career in 1997. Sadly, Valenzuela did not make his

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