Marketing Analysis of Rawlings

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Marketing Analysis of Rawlings Michael Crenshaw Bus 3030 Sheila Fry The company I am choosing to research is Rawlings Sports Goods Company and the product I will be focusing on is baseball gloves. As a die-hard baseball fan, I am always amazed by the spectacular catches made by outfielders and seemingly out of nowhere scoops on ground balls fielded by in-fielders. The unappreciated part of the whole play is the single piece of equipment used to make every one of these plays, the glove. Rawlings, as known to the majority of sports enthusiast, was founded in 1887. They specialize in baseball equipment but also manufacture basketballs, softballs, training equipment as well as American footballs. As one of the favored companies in the baseball community, Rawlings has left its stamp on the baseball world. For instance one of their gloves series is called the gold glove series. In major league baseball, a Gold Glove Award is given to each position player who is the best at his position defensively compared to every other player that plays his position. Many players in baseball’s Hall of Fame have multiple Gold Glove Awards. When looking at the Rawlings Corporation, I see a company with an automatic affiliation with words like respect, reliability, and achievement. The Rawlings Corporation has been in business for 125 yrs. and is considered to be the signature company in baseball equipment and other sports equipment. Even the name of one of its baseball gloves series has become the award given to the most outstanding player in their position. The designs of the gloves are strictly based on the opinions and criticisms of former and current baseball players. Being the premier company to introduce baseball gloves, Rawlings decided to research the ideas of the players to see what they needed to play the game better. With baseball being America’s sport

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