Mizuno Ad 1986

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Mizuno Athletic Footwear of 1986 Mizuno Footwear has a rich history, two brothers in Japan who began the company in 1906 first named the company Mizuno Brothers Ltd. Its first sales of order made athletic wear began in 1907. This is very appealing to children, teens and young adults who play competitive sports. By featuring two professional athletes, this ad captures the attention of those who want to become a pro athlete. Yes, this ad motivates me to purchase a pair of Mizuno baseball cleats. You got the two fastest athletes in baseball on the cover of this ad and they are wearing a pair of Mizuno’s baseball cleats which are very attractive and come in team colors. I would definitely purchase a pair of Mizuno’s. The 1986 Mizuno vintage ad featured in multiple sports magazines, “You’ll Never Catch Them in our Shoes,” is an effective advertisement when its appeal to reason, appeal to credibility, and appeal to emotions are all considered. Mizuno has always been a reputable and credible branded company. They were formed in 1906 and released their first athletic made shoe in 1907. The fact they been around for over 100 years allows the buyer to believe in quality. Mizuno baseball cleats are lightweight, comfortable and provide aggressive traction and are made to increase your overall speed on the diamond and the stability is specifically designed for baseball’s primary running, batting, and throwing movements. Mizuno actively relies on pro athletes to promote their brand. These two athletes were in their prime during this ad by Mizuno. When young children, teens and young adults see this ad, it makes them want to buy a pair. The ad directs an emotion that you will be able to play better and harder. One of the athletes by the name of Ricky Henderson was known to be one of the fastest athletes in Major League Baseball. His 100 steals set a new American League

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