Dedication Essay

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Jordon Christensen Ms. Kearl Definition Essay October 24, 2011 Dedication applies in all aspects of life. In sports, school, and careers, dedication is the key to success. All successful athletes, students, and job holders are immensely dedicated. Having dedication is being disciplined enough to make yourself workout, keep a cool head, and get along with teammates. Every athlete strives to be the best they can be, but dedication plays a key role in being the best. Michael Jordan, for example, was cut from his high school basketball team. With dedication, he worked hard, kept his mind right, and ended up playing in the NBA. Jordan would stay after practice, play on the weekends, and work in the off season striving to get better. He had the dedication to make 1000 jumpers a day, and that is why he is arguably the best to ever play. Texas Rangers, Josh Hamilton is another example of an athlete with fantastic dedication. His whole life they told him he was too small, not quick, and fast enough. He had a goal to play in the MLB, and he fulfilled that goal with hard work and dedication. In 2008, he was the homerun champion; launching 28 balls out of the ball park. As of now he is playing in the Major League Baseball World Series. People told him his whole life he could not, but due to dedication he is one of the elite players of his league. The best athletes in the world have an incredible amount of dedication. It is not easy, but it definitely pays off in the end. Another place dedication has immense affect is the classroom. Being a dedicated student is extremely difficult, and can behold great sacrifice. Students will stay up all night cramming for test, blow off friends to do homework, and other things. A dedicated student is a person willing to give up activities for
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