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Michael Jordan was written by Michael Boughn in 1999. The book details the life and unbelievable career of Michael Jordan. What I learned about this book is that Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian from a small town in Ontario, was living in Springfield, Massachusetts when he decided to nail to peach baskets to each side of the balcony railings of the YMCA. He thought of two teams trying to throw a soccer ball into the basket. This was how the game of basketball started. Years later the master of basketball came along - Michael Jordan (M.J). M.J was born on February 17, 1963. He and his brother Larry grew up in Wilmington North Carolina. Michael went to Laney High School and played basketball for 2 years (Junior and Senior year). However, his favorite sport was baseball. He was…show more content…
His mother was very upset that he did not get his degree. He promised her that he would return to school over the next two summers and finish school. He eventually received his degree in Geography. Michael Jordan went on to be one of greatest basketball players in history. He was drafted by the Chicago Bulls leading them to six NBA Championships, five-time league MVP, ten-time league scoring champion and the number one per-game scorer in NBA history. Michael earned millions of dollars by playing basketball and for endorsing products like his Nike Air Jordan sneakers. The most interesting fact about Michael Jordan is that he failed to make his high school basketball team but went on to be the most famous basketball player in history. After he retired from basketball he tried to play baseball in the minor leagues. It was very tough for Michael since he was not that good. Michael Jordan can be described as competitive, shy and a positive role model. He had difficulty with fame and sometimes felt like a prisoner. He was not able to go out of his house without being swarmed by fans. He had a hard time getting used to

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