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Phil Jackson Phillip “Phil” Jackson was born on September 17, 1945 in Montana to his parents Charles and Elizibith Funk. Phil has two brothers and an half sister. Phil is a retired NBA coach and formal player. He played varsity basketball throught highschool and led his team to two state titles. Phil also played baseball for his highschool team. Phil Jackson is considerd one of the greatest coaches in NBA history. He led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA titles, and the L.A Lakers had five. Phil Jackson holds the record for most championships in NBA as a player and head coach. Phil won the 1996 NBA coach of the year award. Phil Jackson was first hired as an assistant coach for the Chicago Bulls after he graduated from the Universty of North Dakota. He was then promoated to head coach in 1989 and coached the team untill 1998. Jackson took a year off, then joined with the Lakers in 1999. Phil Jackson uses kinestitic, visual, verbal, and interpersonal intllegences in his career. He uses kinestitic intellegence when he is walking and moving to coach his players. Phil uses visual intellegence when he is visualizing a play to run, or what type of zone his players should be in. Phil Jackson also uses verbal intellegence in his career when he is communicating to his players about what plays to run etc… The last main intellegence Phil Jackson uses in his career is interpersonal. Phil uses interpersonal good because he has to be able to socialize with other coaches and players. If Phil does not use his interpersonal skills well, than won’t be able to get along with players, and that won’t be good during games. Some things that Phil and I share in common is that we both enjoy watching/ playing basketball. Also, we both use similar intellegences in our everyday lives. The last thing that Phil and I share in common is that we both struggle with intrapersonal skills because

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