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Aaron Gibbs English Mr. Fiorini 9/17/11 Weekly Written Commentary The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie 1. How has Alexie brought himself into his writing? Choose a moment (or two) where you feel like you were able to understand him through his writing and discuss. (You might need to find out more about the author to respond to this prompt.) Sherman Alexie has brought himself into his writing by including some of his personal experience in this young adult novel. In the novel, a underlining plot in the story is Junior’s run through his freshman basketball season on the Varsity team at Reardan High School. He makes varsity after an intense battle with the teams best player, Roger. Even though he is the best shooter on the team, Junior felt he wouldn’t get a lot of playing time, which at first he doesn’t, but then he becomes the teams spark plug, their 6th man, averaging 12 points off the bench. When came time to play his former school, Wellpinit, he started his first game. He scored only three points, but shut down his best friend/ best enemy, Rowdy. Reardan went on to beat Wellpinit by 44 points. Sherman Alexie has been noted for his love of basketball as a player, and a fan. He happens to be a huge fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and even testified for the then Seattle Supersonics to stay in Seattle until there lease at the KeyArena in Seattle was to expire in the year 2010. Alexie also attended Reardan High School after making the conscious decision to leave his reservation. Another moment where Sherman Alexie brought himself into his writing was the opening of the novel. Junoir (real name Arnold) explains the fact that he was born with an excess of cerebral spinal fluid in his skull (which he describes as being "born with water on the brain"). The brain damage that occured from this, along with the surgery that he went

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