Kobe Bean Bryant

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Kobe Bean Bryant Kobe Bean Bryant is a famous basketball player. Kobe Bean Bryant was born August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Bryant lived in Italy for eight years while his father played in the Italian Professional Basketball League. He speaks Italian fluently. When the family returned to Philadelphia in 1991, Bryant joined the Lower Merion high school basketball team, leading it to the state championships four years in a row. When Joe Bryant's professional career ended in 1991, the family returned to the United States and settled in a comfortable home on the Main Line, the most prestigious of Philadelphia's suburban areas. Basketball helped bridge the gap between Bryant and his classmates at Lower Merion High. Tall and skilled, Bryant quickly became a starter for the varsity team and just as quickly began to make a name for himself in greater Philadelphia. Not surprisingly, Bryant was offered scholarships to almost every major college and university in the country. Not only was he a brilliant basketball player, he was also a good student, scoring an above-average 1,100 on his Scholastic Aptitude Test. Bryant and his parents remained coy about his future, however. They realized that they faced a momentous decision: whether to bypass college completely and go straight into the NBA draft. Vanessa met Kobe Bryant in November 1999. Their relationship continued while Vanessa was still a senior at Marina High School. Kobe asked Vanessa to marry him in May 2000, after just 6 months of dating. Kobe won three straight championships after he proposed. Vanessa gave birth to the couple's first daughter, Natalia Diamante Bryant, on January 19, 2003 in Los Angeles. Their second daughter, Gianna Maria-Onor’e, was born May 1, 2006. Kobe’s world revolved around his father’s basketball schedule. He often accompanied Joe (Kobe’s father) to afternoon practice and
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