Compare And Contrast Black Mamba Vs King James

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Analupe Kailahi English 1C Essay Ms.Ozima Black Mamba vs. King James It’s Black Mamba time. 43.2 seconds left in the fourth quarter; with his final points tallying up Kobe Bryant makes an outstanding record of being the 2nd NBA player to score a high of 81 points in a single game. Can you answer to that King James? I think not. It’s a pretty high bar that has been set, and if you ask me, LeBron is nowhere near it. Towering at 6’8 just two inches taller than Kobe, he was eight time NBA All-Star and was the first Cavalier in franchise history to win the NBA’s most valuable player award. Do you think the Black Mamba is concerned? Nope. The Black Mamba 6’6, a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers since 1996, a span in which the team has won five NBA Championships. Bryant has won two NBA scoring titles and has been a first team all NBA selection eight times. And, this is just to name a few. I’m the sure the rings on his five fingers will account to his accomplishments. It has always been a huge discussion when these two players enter the court of who is the best? And, that’s a given: Kobe Bryant.…show more content…
Bryant moved from the United States to Europe where his father decided to leave the NBA, but continue to play professional basketball overseas. Bryant’s grandfather would send video recordings of the basketball games here in the U.S. for him to study the game. At a young age Kobe developed a love for the game, and decided his favorite team was the Los Angeles Lakers. He also liked other sports such as soccer, and would’ve loved to become a professional player in Italy. During his teenage years his family moved back to the states where he pursued his love for basketball in high

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