1992 Dream Team vs 2012 Team

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1992 Dream Team vs. 2012 Team The 1992 Dream Team has been known to be the greatest team in sports history. But during the 2012 Olympics, Kobe Bryant made a comment about his basketball team as being “younger, more athletic, and could beat the 1992 U.S Men’s Basketball “Dream Team””(Duhaime 1). Bryant’s statement started a huge debate with the 1992 Dream Team fans by comparing the two teams, but still so many people still wonder, could the 2012 team beat the 1992 Dream Team? Duhaime makes some valid points that prove that the 1992 Dream Team could overcome the 2012 team. Duhaime analyzes the two teams and compares the statistics. When Kobe Bryant stated that his team was “younger”, Duhaime explained that there were only four players on the Dream Team that were 30 years or older. The rest of the team were still playing in their “prime”. Duhaime also mentions that the 1992 Dream Team not only won a total of eleven MVP awards, but won, twenty-three NBA titles, five NCAA titles, and were involved in 105 All Star games. Where as the 2012 team, won four MVP awards, seven NBA titles and were included in 43 All Star games. The Dream Team was much more experienced then, than the 2012 team is today. However, Duhaime, in my opinion, contradicts himself in his article too. “I agree that today’s NBA player tends to be physically stronger, quicker, and more explosive” (Duhaime 3). “The 2012 team possesses great young talent and will likely rout their competition in London” (Duhaime 3). Even though the 1992 Dream Team had better statistics twenty years ago than the 2012 team today, wouldn’t you take it into consideration that the 2012 could beat the 1992 Dream Team if they are “physically, stronger, quicker, and more explosive”? (Duhaime 3). I believe that there is no way to prove that the 2012 team could beat the 1992 Dream Team. Both teams are extraordinary teams but they

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