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Compare and Contrast Essay LeBron vs. Jordan “There is no such thing as a perfect basketball player, and I don't believe there is only one greatest player either.” This quote, said by Michael Jordan, sums up a big part of the argument of who is the better basketball player, Michael Jordan or LeBron James. This argument is a very heated topic throughout the basketball world, so I have decided to address it by comparing and contrasting their careers and statistics. Michael Jordan is, no doubt, the most well known name in basketball history. The statistics show that though they have very similar numbers, MJ has the edge on most categories. For example, average points per game and free throw percentage. Not only are his numbers better during regular season play, but also he keeps the edge in playoff statistics. For example, Jordan holds the highest scoring average in playoff history and he is at a 83.3% made free throw average while playing 42 minutes. Outside of statistics, MJ was a college standout and therefore had more experience playing at a higher level. Jordan was the team, meaning that he was always way above everyone else on his team in points. LeBron James is the best player in the NBA currently. LeBron has a few statistics going in his favor like assists and rebounds. So unlike Jordan, he has more of an ability to keep play going and be less of a “ball hog”. He also has the three-point percentage lead (32.9%) which is important because three pointers are a lot bigger part of the game now than they were when MJ played. The teammates that surround James are also a key part of the greatness, because they can play all-star level ball, which then heightens James’ performance. Lastly, James went straight from high school to the professionals. This is important because he had to adjust more to the new level of play than MJ did. Jordan and James are no doubt
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