Kobe Bryant Compare And Contrast Essay

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Dribble. Drive. Shoot. Block. Rebound. Thousands of fans decked out in colorful jerseys and hats cheer on their favorite team. Kobe Bean Bryant, of the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron Raymone James of the Miami Heat are the two stars that basketball fans love to watch. They are arguably the two most dominant basketball players in the NBA today. LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are two of the greatest, yet very different, basketball players to play in the National Basketball Association. Although their successes in the NBA are most prominent today, both players have quite impressive high school resumes. These stars attended high schools in their native states. Kobe Bryant attended Lower Merion high school in Pennsylvania and was named the…show more content…
One of the hottest debates with these two men is the amount of championship rings they have. Kobe Bryant has appeared in seven NBA Finals and has won five championships. LeBron James on the other hand has appeared in two NBA Finals and has won one championship. This is one of the major debates between both players on comparing who is better. With LeBron James being [Doctoral rule (but good advice for any academic writer)--If not a noun (as in "human being"), the word "Being" is hard to imagine; it means "existing." Try to rewrite this without using "being"--with action words like "attending," "working," "living," "experiencing," simply "as"--or even removing "being" completely] much younger than Kobe Bryant there is still a chance that LeBron overcomes the five championships that Kobe Bryant…show more content…
It is hard to compare the two because they are different types of players. Kobe is a shooting guard, while LeBron is a small forward. Bryant has been in the league longer, while James has only been [Doctoral-level comment (also recommended for any academic writer)--do not divide two-part verb beginning with has/have/had. Try to place "only" before or after the two-part verb (has been)--"only has been" or "has been only" (or place "only" later in the sentence)] in the league for ten years. They have had a difference in teammates, coaches, and

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