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Spoiled: The Best Two Basketball Players of All Time The sport of basketball was created over a hundred years ago in the year 1891 by Dr. James Naismith at a YMCA where they used peach baskets and soccer balls. Over the past century, basketball has evolved into one of the most popular sports in the world and it has given us some of the greatest athletes the world has ever seen. We have seen plenty of great players over the years, like Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Wilt Chamberlain, but in my opinion the two best basketball players ever to play the game are Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Watching them play basketball is like watching poetry in motion! I just can not get enough! Unfortunately, one is now retired and the other is towards the end of his career. So now would be the perfect time to compare the two players, who are so similar on the court, yet exact opposites off it. First, let me start off by telling you the road both players took to become the great players they are. Michael Jordan started off with more of a humble beginning than Kobe did. He was born and raised in North…show more content…
Kobe was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and lived in the upper class suburbs on the outskirts of Philadelphia. His father was an NBA player himself for a couple of years until Kobe and his family moved to Italy so that his father could play professional basketball there. Kobe lived in Italy for a number of years until his family moved back to Philadelphia after Kobe’s’ father retired from the game of basketball. Unlike Jordan, Kobe was an instant starter as a freshman for his high school team and ended up winning a State Championship his senior year. Kobe was so good that he decided not to go to college and instead went straight to the NBA after his final year of high school. He was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets but then traded to the Los Angeles Lakers which is where Kobe started his NBA

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