Personal Narrative: I M No Jordan

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I’m No Jordan Every single avid basketball fan yearns to be like Mike, young, old, rich, poor, tall, short, everyone. Michael Jeffrey Jordan now, 48 years of age and nine years away from the game he loved with the passion that drove him to harness raw talent and cultivate it every day until there was separation between him and every other superstar the game of basketball has ever seen. I wondered how I could be like that. The comparisons have been made by hundreds of sports analysts, former players, current players, Hall of Famers and even celebrities over the years as to who would be the next MJ and they all have different opinions leaving us without a conclusive “Air to the Throne”. And then there was Kobe. Kobe Bean Bryant,…show more content…
Watching Kobe play basketball during the 2010 NBA playoffs made me want to try out for my high school basketball team. I decided that I was going to dedicate that summer to emulate Kobe. Just like Kobe, I was fueled to be the best. I had that same internal fire burning within me and the same drive that was going to propel me onto a varsity basketball roster. It is common knowledge that the fear of failure is what drives Kobe to his infinite pursuit of excellence. I applied that same mindset to my summer training. I drove myself beyond the fear of not performing at a high level. I followed the same rigorous schedule everyday and rested only on Sundays, because of my involvement in the church my family and I attend. My schedule consisted of waking up early every day and taking a 1.5 mile run, followed by taking 500 jump shots, a similar exercise Kobe performed during his high school career. Conquering the fear of failure became an imaginary bond between Kobe and I. I knew that working hard all summer honed my physical and mental edge on the court. When tryouts came around, the odds were against me, as the team roster had been established, but I did my best Kobe impersonation and played harder than anyone else on the court. I made the team because just like Kobe, I wasn’t going to fail. This experience taught me to have fortitude, and to always strive for my dreams. Now, with any challenges I

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