The Pros And Cons Of March Madness

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As the sweet sixteen approaches, and the brackets are broken, the most sought after prediction for the March Madness is, “Who will win?” This question can easily be answered. The University of Louisville will win. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, the red and black Cardinals are looking to repeat their success as national champions twice in a row. Headed by 13 year coach, Rick Pitino, the men’s basketball team won the American Athletic Conference (AAC) Championships this season over the Huskies, who are also part of this year’s sweet sixteen. Ending the regular season in 31-5, the cardinals are looking to keep their winning ways with them as they head into the sweet sixteen. During the regular season, they beat UConn (a ranked team), twice,…show more content…
Their season was very strong, but it ended in a blaze. They had a hot streak going into the AAC tournament and came out champions. Now they have their sights set on the National Title. With a target on their back from winning the title last year, the Cards know all to well what is at stake. Their starting line up consists of two seniors, two juniors, and one sophomore, all who were part of the championship team last year. This experienced combination of players will be a lethal hit to any team that is in their way. Russ Smith is the driving force that propels this team. He has all the skills it takes to keep the team together and has helped amass such a great run at the end of their season, with a 42-point outbreak against Houston two weeks earlier. The Louisville Cardinals are not going down this year; they will fly all the way to the top. I would not consider attending this college, considering that it is located in Kentucky. Although they may have a championship basketball and great academic programs, its location does not fit my preference. I would like to go somewhere with weather that I can run in year round. The major I am interested in, Molecular Genetics, is not a specialized major at Louisville. I have researched their program and it is not as rigorous as the other universities that I have closely looked at. It is just not the right fit for, although their
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