Personal Narrative: Minnesota State Basketball Tournament

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My dream ever since I was little was to make it to the Minnesota State Basketball Tournament. During the offseason or whenever I had any free time, you could look for me in the gym and the odds are I would be there. During my sophomore year of high school, my basketball team’s goal was the same as mine: to make it to the State Tournament. Our team had a fantastic regular season; we posted a record of 17-7. We earned the number one seed in the section and were on our way to our goal. We got to our first game in sections against a much worse Truman/Martin Luther team. Nerves got to use in the first half and we were only up by ten points on a mediocre team. After our coach got on us during halftime, we came out in the second half and dominated the game winning 73-48. We had a great week of practice looking forward to the second game of the section playoff.…show more content…
There wasn’t an open seat in the whole building. We were taking on Southwest United and their school brought a total of four fan busses to the game. It seemed like our whole school and their whole school were in the gym screaming at the top of their lungs. It was a great game, but we should have been killing them. We were the number one seed and they were the number four seed. All of those people watching and we got upset, we lost the game 51-42. It was a low scoring game and nothing went right for our team. There was not a dry eye in the locker room after the heartbreaking defeat. That game was the biggest failure I have ever been a part of. We got beat by a team we were not even close to our same talent. My coach is one of the people I look up to the most. After the game, he gave me a speech about how I have to work as hard as I can so this does not happen again. What he told me really hit me because I started working as hard as I could so we did not have that feeling the next

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