Sports Memory Essay

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Sports Memory Sports have always been enjoyable to me especially when they were competitive but friendly and enjoyable. URA basketball was the most enjoyable version of sports I knew. It was always competitive and people wanted to win, but when you lost or won you would just joke about it at school and had bragging rights for a little while. It gave us something to talk about and everyone played so it always found its way into our conversations. My seventh grade year I had a good URA team. Drew Diehl, Mike Georgiana, and myself were really into it and lead the team to a lot of victories. Our record was solid and we were ranked about third in the league. The number one team was Patch Johnson and Doug Ott’s team. They did not have too many players, but at the time Doug looked like he was seven feet tall. When we finally played them we were pretty worried because Drew was our biggest player and was short compared to Doug. We started off the game pretty solid and scored the first couple points, but by halftime we were down at least 30 points. People in the stands were not into the game at all and kids who were waiting for the next game left the gym. Mr. Johnson took Doug out for the third quarter, and by some stroke of luck everyone on our team caught fire. Next thing you know we were down 20, then 15, then 10. Finally we took the lead right as the third quarter came to a close. In the fourth Doug was back in and they started scoring more, but Drew kept up with Doug pretty well this time. We ended up being down 3 with 10 seconds left. We called a timeout and drew up a play for a three. We passed the ball in and the play failed, but Mike had the ball and shot a three to tie the game. He banked it in and the place went nuts. There were a lot of kids in the gym now and it was pretty cool. We ended up winning in double over time and it was a feeling I have never had
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