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Brandi Ellis The Long Green Mile Movie Review The Long Green Line The movie The Long Green Line is such an inspirational movie. The movie is about a high school cross country team attempting to win another state championship under the leadership of Coach Joe Newton. The movie shows not only how important a team’s motivation and goals are, but also how important individual’s goals and abilities are to the team. The movie shows many examples of the organizational behavior concepts we have discussed in class such as motivation and how it can affect a team, goal setting, and personality of the teammates. Coach Newton is a master motivator, and is often called upon by Fortune 500 corporations to motivate leaders in business with…show more content…
In the sport of Cross Country only the top 5 athletes on each team score points and only seven are included in the competitions. The York team has 221 athletes participating under Coach Newton. Though 214 boys know they will have no influence on the season’s scores, they are moved to participate just to be in the presence of Coach Newton. Coach Newton helps each boy on his team to progress up the Maslow’s needs hierarchy. This motivation theory is arranged in a hierarchy, whereby people are motivated to fulfill a higher need as a lower one becomes gratified. The bottom level of the pyramid is the physiological need, which is the need for food, air, water, shelter, rest, etc. All physiological needs must be met before going to the next level of the hierarchy. All of the boys on the team had the proper physiological needs. Everyone had a good family and place to call home. They all were feed and healthy. All of their needs were met to move to the next level of the hierarchy. The next level is the safety level which is the need for a secure and stable environment absence from pain, threat, or illness. Connor Chadwick was born with cerebral palsy and due to this had to wear braces on…show more content…
This goal can be measured by comparing it to the SMART goal methodology we discussed in class. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. This goal is specific because they must train and perform better each day to win the championship in the few weeks they had. It is measurable since they check each person’s time and how they progress, if one runner’s time doesn’t make it they get cut out of the top 7. Coach Newton always tells the boys however fast you run, run faster. This goal is also achievable. Their school has already won 25 championships. They have the best runners and motivation out of any school that runs cross country. Their runners were already placing in the top. This goal is realistic. They strive to be the best they can. Like mentioned above they already have 25 championships. Lastly, the goal is timely. The team only has a few weeks to make all of their improvements and get stronger before state. They must work hard and train to win. Another more personal goal was Connor finishing a race without having to walk. This goal is very specific. He started off with braces on his legs and could not run at all. By the end of his 1st season he was running races. His goal was also measurable. It was a slow pace, but he moved forward each day. Connor was finally able to run the races so this goal was achievable and also realistic. He knew he

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