Persuasive Essay On Being A College Athlete

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John Wall recently glared at the television screen watching the National Basketball Association lottery selection show. It determined the order in which teams that failed to make the playoffs would make their selections in this year’s draft. This was of extreme interest because if Wall believes all the predictions, on June 24, 2010, his name would be called first by Commissioner David Stern. After just one year of playing college basketball at Kentucky, he will leave those ranks to join that of the more elite in the NBA. He will jump from being a college freshman to being a rookie millionaire. Just a year ago, he was a high school senior waiting to cross the stage preparing himself for college. As a child playing with balls, he likely dreamed of that moment. The college arenas and stadiums are where these athletes are before the few make their way in to the world of professional sports. It is there that they are mentored, coached and practice for hours to be the best. For most, that is where the dreams also end. As NCAA television commercials remind us, most college athletes will become professional in something other than sports. Many youth begin dreaming and playing sports at a very early age. Parents are willing…show more content…
Of course no coach or student would admit this, but it is true. There have also been cases that have allowed players to submit incorrect/invalid SAT scores to be allowed entrance into some of the higher ranked schools. In one case it cost the school its Final Four title as well as its reputation. The player left after his one year and was drafted into the NBA, although I cannot prove that he did what he did only to go to the NBA, but it could have been a result of knowing that he would not be able to afford the shortfall from the full scholarship, to what it really costs to attend college for the entire for

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