Coach Stork's Philosophy Of Coaching Wrestling

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Ryan Stork 9/4/13 Coach Stork’s Philosophy of coaching wrestling Athletics plays an important role in the development of a young person’s life. There are many attributes that can be learned while participating in sports. Therefore it is important for the athletes to have competent, caring coaches. Coaches who have vision for the athlete’s development as well as the programs they coach. It is important that coaches understand what values they wish to instill in their athletes. What types of characteristics and skills does the coach want the athlete to posses when they leave the program? To me the value of coaching young athletes is extremely rewarding. The opportunity for me to give to these athletes what all my coaches gave…show more content…
One is of a team competing and one of individuals competing. In this way wrestling gives you a unique situation to teach many of the above values. We try to use different strategies to help our wrestlers learn these characteristics or values. From the policies that we set to the different activities we do throughout the year. The first way in which we try teach these traits is too model these behaviors to the kids in my program to the best of my ability. I know I can’t be perfect all the time, and when mistakes occur I need to make sure I correct them and admit to my errors. I try to teach kids respect by talking about what respect is, giving examples and modeling this at practice, matches, and tournaments. This can be done by how I behave around our wrestlers, coaches, administrators, officials, parents, and fans. We teach commitment by first showing them what we as coaches are willing to do. This would include things during the season as well as during the offseason activities. We try to make them understand that making a commitment is essential to success in life. I also try to gauge each athlete’s commitment level by asking them questions about what sacrifices they are willing to make to reach their goals. Offering them off-season activities to improve their skills also shows them that to succeed it is important to work a little harder than…show more content…
It is very important for a coach to have a philosophy about what he or she wishes to accomplish and what they want their athletes to accomplish along with the winning. Although the benefits of teaching and coaching can be questioned by many all it takes is that former or current athlete showing up one day and saying, “Coach thanks for all you have done for me, I couldn’t have done it without you.” and your ready to get going all over again. The levels of coaching that I hope to coach someday will be elementary all the way up to High School. I need to be around our club wrestling team at a young age, this will help teach the kids the things they need to know at an early age. It will also help build a powerhouse team by the time they get to high school. I can achieve this by finishing my degree in Elementary Education and start teaching at a small school, where the Elementary School and High School are somewhat connected. My strengths as a wrestling coach will be my experience as a wrestler. In high school I was a 3X state champion high school wrestler in the state of Nebraska. I set many individual records at my high school, in every phase of the sport. Of those records, 16 of them are still standing 17 years after my career was

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