Personal Narrative: American Football

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Its Jacks last big soccer game of his high school career. He is the star of the team, and is supposed to take them to victory tonight! College scouts from all over the country have come out just to watch him play. They are playing their biggest rival around, The Wildcats. They are the best high school teams around, and the whole town is full of nerves and excitement! Jack listens to his favorite pre-game song, takes a couple deep breaths, and walks out onto that soccer field for the last and final time of his high school career. The whole crowd at their feet cheering for Jack and The Warriors! He looks around at the stands and can’t help but feel honored. He knew he had to try his best, not only for him but for his hometown backing him up.…show more content…
Jack gathered the team and motivated everyone! The team had a new outlook on the game. Jack was running down the field chasing one of the best players on the Wildcats, he was trying his best to get the ball. At midfield he stole the ball and ran the other way, he saw an opening and took the shot, the goalie dove but missed the ball. The game went on and it was a bunch of defense. Now at half time the jack took a moment to focus, he cleared his mind and ran to the field with full force. He stole the ball from the captain of the Wildcats. You could tell he was furious, and getting tired. The score was 2-1, playing in the last few minutes of the game, he wanted to make one more goal, faking out the defense moving the ball down field, he does a trick shot and he scores! With 4 second left, he scored one last goal and won the game! Everyone runs to the field cheering for Jack and The Warriors! College scouts swarming the field, trying to get Jack’s attention. Every head coach handing out their business card to him, every coach wanted him to be a part of their team, but he only had one team he was interested in being a part of. University of Wisconsin at Madison was his dream school, and where he plans to continue his future in becoming a professional soccer player. Being nervous for these big games is not a bad thing. The secret is converting that nervousness into motivation and

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