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Forrest Gump Forrest Gump (1994) is a movie based on the novel Forrest Gump by Winston Groon. This movie entails the story of a boy’s journey through life, all while dealing with his disability of having an IQ of 75. As a child, Forrest’s mother always told him, “Don’t ever let anybody tell you they’re better than you,” Unlike the other children, Forrest is mentally disabled. Despite that, he is also filled with exceptional potential. Through out his life, he remembers mother’s words and ignores all the harsh words, and stones the world throws at him. He stays positive and hopeful even in the worst of times and Forrest becomes a success. At school, Forrest was always picked on for his handicap. However, he would ignore the hurtful remarks and quickly run away to avoid the bullies. He doesn’t notice how fast he runs, but is discovered by a group of college football coaches that are willing to give him a full scholarship if he plays on their team. Although his mental handicap, he is given the opportunity to obtain a college degree. After college, Forrest chooses to join the military, spending years in Vietnam fighting. While fighting, his battalion meets a situation with gunfire and grenades all exploding all around them. Using his ability to run, he ran and ran until he carried members into safety. One of the men he saved was Lt. Dan, a man who looked down on Forrest for his disability, another man he saved was one of Forrest’s best good friends. Sadly, his friend died that day, but Forrest wins the Metal of Honor trying to save him. Forest was very successful in his life. By sticking to his beliefs, he graduated college, fought for his country, became a millionaire and achieved many honors such as meeting the president.. twice. He did this because of the value he had for his mother’s words, keeping them in his mind and close to heart. He

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