Friday Night Lights: A Town a Team and a Dream

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Friday Night Lights takes place in 1998 when H.G. Bissinger a journalist decided to follow a football team in Texas. He finally chose Permian High which has a population of over 90,000 people. H.G. Bissinger soon finds out that football for the Panthers wasn’t ordinary. Football was life for the players, and reasonably so, they had won the past five state championships in a row. In my mind Friday Nigh Lights focuses on three major keys. It shows the dreams of the players, they pressure the athletes had with the community and their family, and also the commitment from the school. In Friday Night Lights, Shows how football was everything, even to teachers, and everyone who was affiliated with the school. In the book, you notice how some dreams had been crushed, the player that shows it the most it Booby Miles, a running back who was set to have an outstanding year until he was forced out with a leg injury. You get to see how Booby deals with his whole life including his fights with racism. I have seen the book, and also the movie. I honestly liked the movie a little better. While reading the book, you’ll realize that in many chapters nothing happens, and it gets to be slow reading. As a matter of fact, one chapter just describes the town and barely even mentions football. Despite some slow parts, the book was still great, and the author really does do a great job describing how important football was. Overall this book was very good, and one of my favorite sports books. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes football, especially if you play football. This book lets the normal person realize how sports can lift you up, and how it can crush you. Also, if you’re a parent that’s reading it, you may come to realize that you might be putting on to much pressure on your son or daughter. That’s because the parents of many players dwindle their children and

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