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Anders Carlson The Call It all started as a game. Andrew Johnson always loved football no matter if it was playing it, watching it, or talking about it. Andrew lived through the game and the game lived through him. If were to venture up to his room, one would find the walls plastered with posters of various football players and teams. His favorite team was the Cincinnati Bengals because of quarterback Carson Palmer. Andrew was the star quarterback of his high school team. During his freshman and sophomore seasons he was the star on the varsity team. It was then when injuries started to plague him. The game he always loved was about to be taken away from him. Andrew tore his shoulder completely in a playoff game his sophomore season. He saw his whole life change in a matter of seconds. What would be the next step for a kid who knows nothing but football? That next step would end up to be the best thing to ever happen to him. A year passes and Andrew is fully recovered from his surgery. He was advised to never put on the shoulder pads again or he could face even further injury. Instead, Andrew got into the other side of the game. He decided to become an official of football. His dad and brother had done it for three years now and he wanted to…show more content…
He feels very good about himself and so does his crew. His next game, Andrew has a slip up. He throws a flag on a play that did not need a flag. The call ended up costing the team the game. The coach was not happy with Andrews call and neither was his crew. Andrew did not know what to do. He felt like the biggest idiot in the world and nothing could help him. The worst part was that there were still 5 games left on the season. He also realized that his last game of the year had the same coach of the game he messed up in. Andrew was nervous to even show his face at his weekly official’s association meetings. This was all leading up to the last game of the season, and Andrew hated

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