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Devan Eisenmenger Principles of Management Project 4- Motivation Through My Eyes- Tim Tebow Written by Tim Tebow and Nathan Whitaker Tim Tebow, where does one even begin with this man. In college he was known for his heroic comebacks, championships and motivational speeches before and after his games for the Florida Gators. When it came time for the NFL all he heard was “he can’t play, or “he will never be a winning quarterback in this league.” All of that was motivation for Tim. He never gives up and he worked harder than ever to get his chance. This story gives us a vision of how Tim got where he is today and what he had to go through. The main idea of this story is to show the world that Tim is even more successful off…show more content…
Inspiring, courageous, believe, faith, and positive. I chose inspiring due to all of the inspiring stories Tim shared. From not letting others telling him what he can and cannot do, to becoming one of the best college athletes of all time. I used courageous because of his never quit attitude. He pushed through everything and he had the courage to prove people that he could be a quarterback in the NFL. The word believe was used because that is exactly what he did. Since he was a child he believed in himself and kept working at becoming a better person and football star. The biggest word I found in this book would be faith. His faith was absolutely inspirational. I come from a family of Catholics. That does not mean I have been strong in my faith. So many people are so shy or scared to express their faith, but Tim was so proud of what he believed in and telling others about it. He tells us how he is where he is today without the support of God, and without his never ending faith. The final word was positive. Never in the story did he express a negative attitude towards anyone. His life has been full of “you can’t” or “you never will.” Tim learned form people like that. It was people like that who made him who he is today. He let people’s doubts become motivation to become even better. Tim’s purpose in writing this story was not to brag about him. In my opinion, he wrote this to tell everyone that
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