High School Football Cultural Analysis

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Branden Shrout \ Major Essay Mid-Term Revision: My Cultural Analysis Football is a game that requires an enormous amount of teamwork and sportsmanship to be successful. The culture of being a part of a high school football program has the ability to teach you more on how to live your life than sitting in the classroom at school can. To many people football is considered just an after-school team sport, but to many others it’s a period of maturity and transition in their lives. This sport also provides an opportunity for a group of young men to show their strong connection and patriotism as their team plays on the local grounds of the community. Life lessons involving responsibility, trust and accountability are shown and taught by people who truly care about their team as a whole, not just themselves. In order to achieve greatness in life as an individual, one must be taken out of their comfort zone and take hold of the responsibility in order to accomplish a goal. The football team at Woodinville High School was not very successful during the years of 2009 and 2010. They failed to make playoffs both years and the athletes in the 2011 class knew a call to action had to be done to make positive changes within the program. Growing up as a kid playing sports with most of the guys in my graduating class since I was in elementary school, it was noticed over the years that the senior leadership who most of the athletes are conditioned to look up to, were not exactly leaders. From the beginning of time, the importance of leadership has been present in armies, companies, and even small organizations, making it obvious that something such as a football team needs a group of leaders. The team is previous years did not make playoffs due to the lack of leadership by the upperclassmen. Every younger classman looks up to the seniors because the young athletes are new to the

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