Faith Overcoming Fear

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Neil Mclean Mrs. Cornell English II Pre-Ap, Period 7 13 September 2012 Faith Overcoming Fear Fear is defined as to have anxiety, distress, panic, or fright. Fear is different to each person it confronts. Whether a person’s life experiences play a role or it’s an inherited trait, how one approaches fear can be a hard obstacle to overcome. In order to succeed in this world like most people, it takes one thing, learning to overcome anything in your way especially fear, and once that is conquered anything is possible. Football is a game of sport, measured by the ability of one to be better, faster, stronger, or quicker than the other to result in a favorable outcome. But one apparent idea of fearing what is ahead of you is an obstacle that many find, rely on faith being another form of training. I can train diligently for months or even years, to be at the peak of my physical performance. But as it may be revealed sadly, there is always someone training harder or better than myself. Does that make me a loser or a winner that I had faith that what I did what I could do? There will always be someone better than you, even if you do your best. There will always be someone worse than you. The competition will never end and the faith you have in yourself will help you overcome any obstacle. But the faith someone has to overcome all of the usual abilities it takes to be a competitive football player never comes into play, as it may be just a personal inclination. As a scholar and students capacity, such as myself, may be influenced by my responsibilities as a student and accomplishing a passing grade is equated to scoring a goal or executing my dream play, to do my very best in preparation for game day. When it comes to participating in the right advance placement classes, being involved with the class council, or taking advance college courses, I

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