Student Athlete or Athlete Student

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Student athlete roles have always been a problem. Some people say these athletes shouldn’t even be in school because their grades aren’t high enough. Others see a more sensitive view of the topic. I experienced this topic first hand from middle school though high school and for about a week of college. I believe it really is a problem. Athletes’ parents should be concerned about this because a sport could be the reason they are in college, but it could also be the reason they are kicked out of college. A long day of classes piled on with practices really takes a toll on a student. I had to be at the weight room at 7:30 in the morning and get out at 8:00. I then headed off to my classes for the day. After that I would try to get a quick bite to eat if I had the time, and then go to practice from 3:00 to 5:00. Even after practices some days, I would have to stick around the locker room to do laundry until 7:00. On top of all these occurrences, I also have a job that I work around 25 hours a week. Adding all this, it doesn’t leave much time for studying or doing homework. Due to this lack of time, I ended my baseball career. An NCAA study showed that 60% of “student athletes” viewed themselves more as athletes than students. I can see this with having 14 hours a week of practice in the off season. Coaches have prioritized a winning season over a good education. Sure a winning season with a great performance could get an athlete on to the next stage of their career, but this is unlikely. Even if they make it to a professional sport, what if something happens in athlete’s career causing it to end? They have no degree to fall back upon for another career. In my opinion, athletes should be required to attend college all 4 years and earn their degree before they move on to professional sports. Not only will this give them a fall back plan, but it will also give the
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