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The Blind Side Michael Oher is a seventeen year old guy that was basically all alone; he was just all by himself because his mother was a drug addict who left him and his other brothers when they were little. He was living with one of his family members but it didn’t seem enough so the family members he was living with decided to try to get Michael into Wingate Christian School. But it all worked out actually thanks to Coach Burt’s persuasiveness to let him in because he knew Michael could be a great part of the football program they had at school. Things were really odd and strange to Michael when he had his first day at Wingate Christian School because he hadn’t been at school for so long and because he didn’t knew what students and teachers were discussing…show more content…
So they all gathered as a family one day and decided to ask Michael if he was okay and that if he wanted to join the family, Michael was slightly confused because he already thought he was part of the family, they were all happy. Michael started playing football but he wasn’t as successful Coach Burt expected him to be that’s when Leigh Anne intervened and told him to defend his team as he would defend her and the family. He soon understood and started to play way better. S.J. soon intervened by making Michael practice and exercise everyday. He had his first game days later in which he tackled so well one of the opposite’s team member that everyone was shocked. S.J. sent days later the video of Michael tackling the other member to several universities and suddenly everyone was interested in him. But to win a scholarship he needed to have a better GPA, so they hired a tutor for him. He finally chose a university when he was asked to go to an interview by someone from the government in which it all went wrong and he left the Tuohy family. A day later he called Leigh Anne to pick him up and he basically resolved things with them. He later left for university and was picked up to play for a

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