Discourse Community Analysis

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Discourse Community Analysis Rough Draft Throughout my school years, I have been involved various communities, but none were as memorable and special as my high school football team. I could even argue It was more of a family than a community. Our community was made up of guys who all had the same goal and were determined to reach it at all costs; we wanted to win, period. When you have a community of brothers who all come together and fight alongside each other, down after down, it is something truly special. For us Texans, football is not a pass time it is a religion. Anyone who has ever lived in Texas, understands the importance we place on football; high school football in particular. I was blessed to play “6A” high school football,…show more content…
We were literally forced to fight each other constantly, the only difference between actual fighting and what we did was just the name, we called it practice. The whole point of training camp was to weed out the weak and earn each other respect, something which was no small task. For me, earning respect was particularly difficult at the beginning; I was smaller than most of my teammates and physically weaker. It was not until we did a something called the “Oklahoma drill”, that I was able to prove myself. The Oklahoma drill is famous for being extremely violent and brutal, it takes guts to willingly take and deliver hits, but somehow I thrived in that environment. That was the first time I felt my teammates started to take me seriously, and I had earned some respect on the…show more content…
Our coach would always tell us we were a “cut from a different bread”, we were not just your average joe high schooler, we were model students as well top athletes. The beautiful part of being in such a tight-knit community is that although your environment might change, your friends and support system do not. Balancing school and athletics was difficult, us athletes did not have the luxury of having ample free time to study or go to tutoring. Instead, we dealt with it the only way we knew how, we helped each other. It was common for players to hold study groups after practice, and usually, I was involved in some way or form. I was known as the “brains” of the team, anytime someone had a question about a certain topic, I was the guy. It was part of my duty, just like it was the quarterback’s duty to make plays, and I was more than happy to do my

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