Chris Farley a Man of Many Acts

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Abstract Chris Farley was born February 15, 1964 in Madison, Wisconsin. In addition to an ensemble role on Saturday Night Live, he became famous on the big screen through roles as the loveably misguided nut job. His films include Wayne's World, Beverly Hills Ninja, Billy Madison, Tommy Boy, and Black Sheep. In 1997, he died of an overdose of cocaine and morphine exacerbated by advanced heart disease. Chris had many problems growing up he thrived off of his peers laughter and enjoyment but his biggest priority was making his dad proud which caused him so much grief and psychological problems through his life. Christopher Crosby Farley Born February 15th 1964 was the middle child of 6. Chris’s siblings as well as Chris would always fight for their father’s acceptance whether it was in academics or athletics. Since Chris was the middle child he was never the favorite growing up, Chris always looked for attention every day on the bus he would sing specific songs based off of his comedic attitude that day. All Chris cared about was making people laugh that was his life’s motive. He fed off of other people’s happiness even if he was miserable. Some say he may have had a form of a Somatoform Disorder or Behavioral Disorder. Chris was constantly sent down to the office for being extremely disruptive and disrespectful in class just to entertain his peers. Chris’s father never truly yelled at him for what he did just because of how cute he was as a child, Chris was usually allowed to do whatever he wanted this gave him this sense of empowerment but at the same time caused him to grow this self-independence. As Chris grew older he started watching an SNL favorite (Saturday Night Live) John Belushi who soon became Chris’ Idol, all he wanted to do was to be just like John Belushi. Through Chris’s High School years he started to become a little more active through football

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