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Friday Night Lights Today there are many forms of graphic novels, ranging from novel to film, comic to movie, or game to movie. Some of the best graphic novels would have to be from novel to film. The film Friday Night Lights would be classified as a football genre film. A football genre film is determined by three main themes; a great team, a well known coach, and a dramatic ending. A great team is one that may win all the games, or perhaps loses a game or two and comes back to win it all later in the season or comes short in the final game. A great team can also be one that just simply over comes adversity and prevails no matter the circumstances they face. A well known coach is one that is either known around the country or at least…show more content…
Friday Night Lights is probably one of the best graphic novel movies of our time, and offers an answer to the question; does football truly have such an impact on these high school kids and…show more content…
Friday Night Lights provided all three of these themes plus a whole list of others. This movie also helps to decode why football has such an impact on the youth of America, especially high school football. The 1988 Permian Panther football team deserved to win this game yet they lost, but yet they gained much more out of this experience than the victors did. They learned that football helped turn them into men; it helped them to become much more diverse human beings. Teaching them the basics of being a man while at the same time teaching them the importance of team work and perseverance through whatever life throws at you. These life lessons usually take most a long time to learn. Football isn’t everything, and there is more to life, but football does help to create a man that can contribute something more to society than just being a football player. Football helped to turn these boys into men, by putting them into situations that most, if not properly prepared would just crumble and fail. Yet football taught them how to pull through and prevail over the situation at

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