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Remember The Titans Essay

  • Submitted by: jaymielowe
  • on February 7, 2011
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The film ‘Remember The Titans’ is more then just a film about winning football games. The movie contains many more important themes that are directed towards the audience. Friendship is a major theme throughout the movie, especially through the characters Gerry and Julius. Racial tolerance and acceptance is displayed in this film through the black and white teammates. During the movie, there are many references to important historical events in American history. These are just some of the themes portrayed in the film ‘Remember The Titans’.

This movie is not just about winning football games, it is about friendship. Friendship is one of the most important themes and is very evident throughout the whole movie, especially with the friendship formed between Gerry and Julius and Coach Boone and Assistant Coach Yoast. Gerry and Julius were the leaders of their football teams before they integrated. At the start, they believed that they were both better then each other. They realised that they had to move past the difference of the colour of their skin and ended up becoming best friends and hung out together all the time. After Gerry’s accident in the hospital, his only wish was to see Julius. He referred to him as his brother to the nurse.
Coach Boone and Assistant Coach Yoast began coaching together and had many issues to overcome together. After working through these problems and spending more time together, they became very good friends. Coach Boone even told Coach Yoast that his daughter, Sheryl, was welcome at his house anytime. In both these examples of friendship, they learnt to trust each other, respect each other and work together, which are very important values to have in a friendship and is more important then just winning football games.

In the film ‘Remember The Titans’ one of the major themes is racial tolerance and acceptance. This is more important then just winning football games. In the beginning, there were many issues between the black and...

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