Descriptive Essay on Football Experience

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Michael Barbuto College Writing October 2, 2013 Professor Eaton Descriptive Essay Last year playing high school football was probably one of the most entertaining and exciting things I have ever done in my entire life. The reasoning behind this is that we had an outstanding team which sent eighteen kids off to play college football. Therefore, eighteen out of twenty one people were sent off to play college football, which is pretty good in my eyes. When experiencing high school football, it is all about brotherhood and family throughout the whole entire team. This year playing football for Springfield is not the same as last year in high school because I’m not as close with the people on my college team. Last year we had so many exciting games being the top team in New York. I specifically remember the game--we played St. Anthony’s to open up the season. I remember that game perfectly like it happened yesterday. St. Anthony’s usually beats us, but it’s a close game every single time. Also it is the biggest rivalry in our league. The crowd of this game was at least five thousand people and they were waiting for those plays that they could erupt with cheer. This game was a difference-maker in the progression of our high school sports program. I remember the first quarter so well. I played horrible that quarter which I couldn’t understand coming off an outstanding performance from the season opener where I recorded a school record for the amount of tackles by a single player in one game. I couldn’t understand why I was having such a bad first quarter. Was it because of the mixed emotions and excitement for this big game? Was it because I was thinking too much because it was on live TV? I could not tell you, but I remember my teammates picking me up, which showed family and brotherhood how they always have your back no matter what. The play that was the game-
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