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Super Bowl V By: Ryan Almond Super Bowl V was held on January 17th in Miami, Florida. The Baltimore Colts played the Dallas Cowboys, the Colts ended up beating the Cowboys 16 to 13. The 5th annual Super Bowl had many firsts. It was the first Super Bowl for the losing team at halftime to come back and win. Also, it was the first time for a game to end within a touchdown, as well as the first Super Bowl game to be played on artificial turf, the MVP came from the losing team. Super Bowl Sunday is a major event. Super Bowl Sunday has always brought in a large crowd. It brought in approximately 80,000 people that attended this game in Miami, and even more watched it on television. The Super Bowl is important because the men that are playing in it…show more content…
The one thing that Super Bowl V didn’t have in common with the ones before is it had an exciting finish.! /img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_ 635/spa025511262-jpg.jpg y.jpg:// Chuck Howley said “it’s nice, but I wish we had won the game”.!/img/httpI mage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/spa025511262-jpg.jpg What an accomplishment to be named MVP on the losing team. The game itself wasn’t all that great, they two teams combined a total of 11 turnovers. The colts had 7 of the 11 turnovers. Jim O’Brien the Colts kicker and receiver kicked a game winning 32 yard field goal in the last quarter with only 5 seconds left. O’Brien said “I concentrated very, very, very, hard, probably the hardest I have ever concentrated on a kick. It all happened so fast and all of the sudden it was over. I look up and see the ball going through the goal posts. I was pretty happy”. Watching the Super Bowl is important because for most it’s a tradition and it’s a major event every

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