The Philosophy Of Sport In The Movie Rudy Philosophies

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Antonella Ferrante Br. Owen Philosophy of Sport April 24, 2012 Sport as we all know is one of the biggest, popular, money making industries growing in the world. Whether it’s football, basketball, baseball, hockey and the list goes on with the mostly viewed sports that people all over the world are constantly watching. Throughout the four seasons within the year there are different sports going on. Whether one is beginning or ending there is always a constant entertainment of sports being watched throughout. The movie Rudy made in 1993 starring Sean Astin as “Rudy” was the star of a true story. The movie directed by David Anspaugh and produced by Robert N. Fried made a phenomenal movie that was rated one of the best sports movie of all time (Michael Medved, New York Post) Rudy was always put down his entire life; he wasn’t good enough, smart enough, big enough, he wasn’t capable to do anything. His only dream ever since he was a little boy was to play football for Notre Dame. His family would just laugh at his dreams and believed that he wasn’t capable to do it even though they were fighting…show more content…
Rudy’s chances of dressing for a game were slim to none because Devine was a harder head to crack. After two years already being on the team one of the final games were coming against Georgia Tech and Rudy still hasn’t dressed. That was than the team line up, head captains saw the dedication, motivation and spiritual mind Rudy had. Beginning with the captain entering Devine’s office saying he wants Rudy to take his spot for the final game. Devine said he lost his mind and he wouldn’t do such a thing. Captain placing his jersey on the desk saying he wasn’t going to play unless otherwise. That was than the entire team one by one entered dropping their jersey to show coach that it was Rudy’s turn to get

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