Recruiting In College Sports

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Revising Recruiting Recruiting is a huge part of college sports. It is unfair when certain schools, such as Kentucky and Alabama, dominate Division I football and basketball respectively because they are able to recruit the top high school athletes in the nation. These big name colleges usually give their highly-rated athletes special benefits for attending their schools.. The colleges also give the coaches a lot of power in running the schools' sports’ programs. Worst of all, recruiting encourages the youth to spend more time practicing sports and less time focusing on academics. College recruiting ruins athletes' careers and college sports. Federal law is not broken when colleges recruit athletes and boosters give them gifts (Hughs).…show more content…
Colleges give excessive control over a sports to coaches and the coaches have the ability to indirectly give benefits to their players. This is also a continuation of the Pryor saga. The bigger controversy of the story was that his coach, Jim Tressel, knew that Pryor and a couple of other players had illegally merchandised his belongings and received awards from a tattoo parlor (Schlabach), but coach Tressel did not report this to the NCAA. This event happened before their Sugar Bowl game in 2010, in which they probably could not have won without Pryor (Schlabach). Despite Tressel’s inaction, Ohio State only suspended their prized coach for 2 games of the 2011 football season and fined him a measly $250,000 of his $3.5 million annual salary (Schlabach). Ohio State takes pride in its excellence in their sports and academics program, but his punishment was weak (Schlabach). Tressel recruited Terrell Pryor, won some important football games, but it was nothing more than an act. Tressel was dishonest to the NCAA policy just for a football title. He deserved to be fired for the stunts he pulled but was not. The coaches are also responsible for ruining the integrity college…show more content…
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