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Invincible In both the book and movie Invincible they both tell the great story of Vince Papale's journey from a teacher/bartender to reaching his all time dream of becoming a Philadelphia Eagle. The movie is directed by Ericson Core and the book was written by Vince Papale himself. On every book to movie comparison very rarely are the stories exactly alike, in this case however the stories are very similar with only a few slight differences. In the Novel Vince was a full time Teacher and a part time bartender in Philadelphia. The school he was teaching at had little too no funds and laid him off so with only having a part time job left he needed financial help pretty bad. Vince approached his father(former NFL) player for help and his…show more content…
Instead of teaching full time at the school he just taught par time and worked part time at the bar. Once he got laid off from the school his wife left him and left him a note saying “ you are a failure, you will never make any money, and you will never go anywhere in life”. That note was his inspiration throughout the film and every time he would get his ass kicked, have a rough game, or felt like he couldn't do something he looked to the note and always rose up stronger. The biggest difference for me from the book to the movie was that in the book his dad taught him everything he knew and helped him in the NFL, and in the movie his dad did not help him at all and even told Vince that he didn't think is was a good idea to go to the teams tryouts. The only person who really taught him something in the movie was his teammate who played the center position. He taught him that when your opponent is lining up with you and there fingers are leaning forward then they are going to come at you, but if there fingers are leaning back then they are going to drop back. Throughout the whole movie every time he was getting beat he would look to that and it would help him through the situation every time. For the final scene of the movie it was 4th down and his coach chose to punt but Vince saw his opponents fingers leading towards a blitz, so he called in audible leading to a fumble which the Eagles scored on too win them the

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