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“The Indifferent Dork” Novel written by: Ashley ‘AJ’ Price-Walker Inspired by: Kevin Ga’mal White (KG) Boom! What was that, I looked around wondering. As I looked across the classroom I noticed goo all over Kristen and Nigel. “What you do that for Nigel” screamed Kristen. “I’m sorry gosh I didn’t mean to” Nigel said with a smirk. “Ok listen class since no one has figured out the right solution for this problem, please clean up your stations” Mrs. Wright said. I figured it out but did I want to tell her that and be known as the dork everyone knows me as. “Wait”! I raised my hand to be recognized. “Yes Kevin” the teacher replied. “I figured it out uhm…show more content…
I have two of the most awesome parents ever. My mom is a lawyer and my dad he’s the best wide receiver in the NFL. He plays for the Pittsburg Steelers. I’m trying to follow in my dad’s footsteps because I am the best wide receiver at Cy-Woods. You would think being the best football player in the school, I would get more respect from my peers but nope everyone calls me the dork who has a 4.0 and plays football. I’m still wondering why it’s bad to be smart now days. Every since I moved here I was teased from day one. There is only 20 days until graduation and I’m so excited to be leaving this dumb. “ AH Kevin, what you thinking about”, asked my best friend Shawn. Shawn is the only reason why I come to school besides getting my education. He befriended me right from the beginning. He’s the quarterback of the football team and is pretty dumb but hey I love him. “Dude I’m stressed people are not taking me serious, I’m tired of being the laughing stalk of the school. So what if I’m smart. Is that a crime?” “ Come on Kevin this been going on for four years now let it go. You should be use to it by
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