Friday Night Lights

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Introduction In the south, football is everything. Whether it’s the players on the field or the fans in the stands, everyone in town depends on a “win” from the football team each week. Businesses close down, and the people in town pray for the team as they make their way toward the field on game days. Football is not just entertainment in Dillon, Texas; it is the heart of their town. In a small southern community where racial diversity can lead to turmoil, football is one of the only things that can bring everyone together with a common goal. However, as shown on Friday Night Lights, sometimes even the love of the game isn’t enough to keep the peace on and off the field. Summary The American television series, Friday Night Lights, is about a high school football team in the fictional town of Dillon, Texas. Dillon is a small, rural town where football is everything. Both the townspeople and the players live for the game. The head coach, Eric Taylor, and his family are the primary focus of the show, along with the lead football players, who are stereotypically portrayed at the beginning of the series. Jason Street, the stereotypical allAmerican football quarterback, suffered a career-ending injury in the first episode of the series. This led him to deal with many difficult challenges as him and his head cheerleader girlfriend, Lyla Garrity, try to get their lives back in order after the accident. Tim Riggins is the bad boy in town, and Jason’s best friend. He is one of the captains on the football team, along with Brian (Smash) Williams, who is portrayed as the stereotypical powerful, black, athlete with a cocky attitude. As the season continues, it is clear that the coach’s career depends on the ability to get the Dillon Panther’s football team to the state championship. The new quarterback, Matt Saracen, struggles to fill Jason’s shoes now that he will never
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