What Does Football Mean To Me Essay

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This Blog Linked From Here This Blog Linked From Here . Monday, July 5, 2010 Football and Me Essay Essay on Footbal As I could remember football has been a major part of me all of my life, Even though I have not played the sport my whole life. Pressure has been put on me to play football since the day I was born because my father was a very good football player that did not make. So I guess it was my job to pick up where he left off. Stories were often told to me about his playing days and shortly after someone would pop the big question; “Do you play ball”, or “Are you going to play ball”? Those questions made not want to play because I felt I needed to be my own person. Finally when I reached to high school I decided to play football. Little did I know this decision would change my life for ever. When I first arrived on the football team there were no expectations. It was the teams’ second year varsity and they just recovered from a defeated season (0-10). The year I played we went 4-6, this season I made the varsity team as a freshman. My role on the team was not important up until my junior year, but my sophomore year is what changed me the most. My sophomore year my team went 12-0(undefeated) we won the thing. The following spring the…show more content…
We open up for Old Say brook high school the score was 45-0 and yes we were the winners. The whole season was just about that; Hyde the winners and the opponents the losers. We made it all the way to be the number one seed in the class s state playoffs. We went through the whole regular season undefeated, but that last game which was the first playoff game we lost not because they were better but because we were not focused on the task at hand. To be honest I do not take losing easy but when it was all over I have to say this was a character builder it tells me to stay focused and when on a team I need to pull my teammates a long with
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