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Kenneth Young September 27, 2012 Ms. Smith For the last seven years, my heart has been set on one thing, and that Football. It’s just something about the feeling I get from being out on the Astro-turf, with my team, pouring out my heart that makes me wonder what it would be like if I was doing anything else. I even joined the track team, just to try t get the feel of something different, but I ended up feeling like I was wasting my time. I soon realized, my place was on the field, and nowhere else. Like on game days I stayed pumped, right up until the last three seconds of the game. My position is a wide receiver. The feeling I get while watching the ball trail my way is irreplaceable. My entire mind goes blank. All the stress from…show more content…
Being one of the few sophomores on varsity? That was a privilege! Shortly into the season, my privilege was taken away. I got a concussion, and was told I wasn’t going to be able to return for the rest of the season. My heart dropped. I felt like I let my team down, like I couldn’t be there for them. That was also the year I watched my team lose the first round of playoffs. That’s when I set mind on becoming the best that I can be, so when I come back my junior year, I would be the best I’ve ever been. So, I did just that. I ended my comeback season with Thirty-seven catches for eight hundred and thirty-three yards, and fourteen touchdowns, making a name for myself at Citrus Hill in the world of football. Entering my senior year with Boise State giving me hard looks, I surprisingly feel no pressure. I know my level of talent, I know where I stand on the field, and I know that my time to shine is going to come, and when it does, I’ll be waiting and ready. As all the years have passed, I’ve discovered that football isn’t just a sport anymore. It’s something that I can see myself continuing on to on a professional level. But in the end, through all the negativity, the injuries, and the doubts, I’m still pushing

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