The History Of College Football

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Perhaps no other jobs than coaching has the absence of African Americans been more noticeable. Over the past two decade there has been little to no improvement in the area. While the National Football League, the National Basketball League, and even College Basketball have all seen dramatic improvement over the past 20 years, college football is still dragging their feet behind. College football is an important sport in our nation, from fans, college and high school athletes, recruiters, and even the president of the United States. This game gives younger athletes something to strive for and it even encourages them to attend college with the prospect of playing college football. In today’s day and age one would think that the absence of…show more content…
He has been coaching for the past 22 years as a collegiate coach. The past four years he was the offensive coordinator for the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish. He has been associated with several Top Ten teams and numerous Top 25 clubs. Former coaches Nick Saban, Mack Brown, Charlie Weis, and Lou Holtz are among the many to mentor this new head coach. Ron English is the new head coach for the University of Eastern Michigan. He has been coaching for fifteen years and graduated from the University of California Golden Bears in 1990.He served as the defensive coordinator for the University of Louisville Cardinals and for the University of Michigan Wolverines. In Michigan prior to being promoted to defensive coordinator in 2005 he had been the defensive back coach. All four of these new coaches are recognized as young and innovative new faces in the world of coaching. With these new hires it takes the heat off of the three African American coaches that were fired last year. The coaches that were fired are Tyrone Willingham, Sylvester Croom, and Ron…show more content…
The changes in women’s college sports have also changed while college football has been dragging behind in diversity. They have continued adding more diversity in the athletes on the field but have yet to add more diversity in college football coaching. The Black Coaches and Administrators organization has spoken out about this lake of diversity within college football. The Black Coaches and Administrators also known as the BCA was formed in 1987. They took the initiative to address certain injustices in the NCAA sports programs. Their mission statement is, “To address significant issues pertaining to the participation and employment of ethnic minorities in sports in general and intercollegiate athletics in particular. To assist ethnic minorities aspiring to have a career in athletics through educational and professional development programming and scholarships. To provide youth and diverse communities the opportunity to interact positively with the BCA as a corporate citizen and community builder through a variety of alliances.” (Administrators, 2009) Since its creation the organization has always been the driving force behind equal opportunity employment in college

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