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Some of the most persuasive people in your life could very likely be your coaches. The coaches that I remember differed very much in there personalities. I played football and threw shot and discus in Junior high school. My two coaches for A team were very motivating. They never got frustrated with me. Their patience in that they had a lot of it, and they always went out of their way to give you that extra help. My discus coach helped me fine tune my catching so well that it took me to a couple of weeks. On the other hand, the football coaches were a completely different story. (They were a breed of their own, and were the epitome of the “jar head” football coaching staff). It’s hard to keep a straight face when a coach with the I.Q. of a bowling ball is yelling at you and the best thing he can come up with to call you is “a box of rocks”(you had to have been there). Coaches can really impact the life of an athlete, positively and negatively. The positive coaches will be the focus on in this paper. Even having a coach in the corporate world to help keep you motivated and happy about your job is important nowadays Throughout our lives the people whom we have encountered have influenced us, or had a certain impact on our lives. For as long as I can remember I have been involved in numerous sports. I can recall various coaches, as well as teammates, but I know there is one I will never forget. He was my grade seven football coach. I will always remember his patince, and how he somehow read my mind when I was having a bad day. Not only was he a fantastic person, but a remarkable football coach who I have learned a great deal from. One day I hope to be a coach, but will follow from his example, and hopefully brook the qualities of what it takes to make a good football

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