Nick Saban Case Study

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Is Nick Saban or any other coach worth it? Many people ask this question, but recently Nick Saban received a 2 year contract extension, which will earn him $5.32 million in 2012. This contract also has a $50,000 raise next year and a $100,000 raise for each additional year. In eight years, he will make $45 million dollars for a base salary. Is Nick worth it? Some say that Nick Saban is arguably the best coach in college football and some even say he is the best coach or professional coach of our time. Former Alabama quarterback, Greg McElroy tweeted after Nick Saban's contract extension recently that is was “worth every penny”. There are currently 17 former Alabama players on the NFL active rosters that have been coached by Nick Saban…show more content…
Nick Saban has a plan for everything and he executes it. He has a detailed program for his players to follow. He keeps them focused all year long during the season and during the off season. He sets principles and values and gets people to buy into his way of thinking. He has high expectations from his players rather it is athletically, academically and personality. He wants to know what his players are doing all the time and wants them to be leaders on and off the field even putting them through leadership classes at the college. He believes in his coaches and his players. He micro-manages but with a meaningful purpose and that is success. He wants his whole program to be successful off and on the field and to prepare his players for life after football and he has a plan for all of…show more content…
Nick is 61 years old today and is a graduate from Kent State with a bachelor’s degree in business and masters in sports administration. He has coached at numerous colleges including University of Toledo, Michigan State, Miami Dolphins and LSU. He is a 4x national coach of the year and has an overall college coaching record of 141-54-1. Is Nick worth it? A Forbes staff member wrote an article on Nick stating that he was the most powerful coach in sports and also one of the best. Alabama stated in March it was a no brainer for the school to give him a two year contract extension and the healthy raises. I would have to say with all the information I have listed above with his drive, his plans, his recruits, his values, community service record including tornado relief in the southern US, the revenue he has brought into the schools and most of all his record I would say YES Nick is worth

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