Personal Narrative: The Game At Dutchtown Middle School

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The Game I remember this game like it was yesterday. I was in eighth grade, playing our last game of the regular season. Dutchtown Middle School was playing Henry County Middle. This was a very important game of our season. We were the underdogs in this game. They were the best team in the county at the time, because they had a running back that nobody can hit, and they thought they could just run all over us. All that week during practice we were plotting to stop them. This game was an away game so after school that Wednesday we went to the locker room and I got prepared for the game, then we got all our stuff together and headed to the bus. On our way to the Henry County stadium, I was getting focused on the biggest game of my life. I had…show more content…
Coach kept telling them to keep giving Theo the ball, because he was one of the best running backs we had. So one play Theo got the ball and ran all the way to Henry County’s 30 yard line. The next play coach called was “Wiggle Pass”; this was our bread and butter pass play. Our quarterback at the time was Brandon Robertson, so the center hiked the ball to him and hit stepped back and threw the ball to our Tight End; Isaiah Henry for a touchdown. Afterwards, we went for the two point conversion off the same play and he dropped the ball. Then we kicked the ball off to them, and they took the ball back for a touchdown. We got the ball back and didn’t do much with it so it resulted in a punt. Until the third quarter came around the game did a whole 360. At the beginning of the third they tried do an onside kick and I was on the field for that. So they kicked the ball really short and it ended up in Theo’s hand so I told him “LET’S GO!!!!” and he followed me all the way to the end zone. We were up 12-8. So in the fourth quarter we started playing lazy, until the last 10 seconds. Henry County had the ball on our five yard line. So the QB got the ball and was moving around the pocket and threw the ball for a touchdown and that won the game

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