Personal Narrative: My First Football

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My birthday was Saturday August 8, which was also my first football scrimmage against Cordova High School. The scrimmage had been for three teams, Rosemont, Cordova and Capital, and my teammates and I were the underdogs of the whole thing. When we got to Cordova it seemed as though it was going to be a routine scrimmage, get on the field and kick some butt, but fate had other plans. Our team started off slow in warm ups, taking wrong moves and such, but we started to pull it together after about thirty minutes. When we entered the stadium to play we were a little early so we got some water and started getting each other excited to play. Then it was time, we went onto the field screaming and hollering like maniacs. When the first team came out to play we were ready to play some defense. They ran to the left, and then the right and then down the middle, no matter where they went we stopped them we had them locked out, there was no way they could score. By the end of their twenty plays, Rosemont had scored one touchdown, we were ecstatic. Then it was time for offense,…show more content…
After they had finally gotten me to my mom’s car so that we could make it to a hospital, it was a slow miserable ride. When we finally made it to the E.R. there was no one there except for us so I was emitted immediately. After they gave me pain killers and had taken my x-rays, however, the Saturday night rush began. After I had been moved three times from room to room, because of the “special” patients I had been roomed with, I was put in a private room. Five hours later I woke up from a drug induced sleep with me bones put back into place and a splint on my arm. After a nurse gave me a sling we left, picked up pain medication and went home to the worst night of sleep of my life. In short August 20, 2011 was the most eventful sixteenth birthday party of all

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