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Shania Madrilejos 1/9/12 Per.5 Roll Call #17 Flag Football Flag Football A nine member team sport played with a football on a football size field. The game gives an opportunity to learn football skills, rules, and terms. Object of the game is to score more points in 4 minute quarters than opponents. Touchdown scores 6 points running with the ball or passing the ball into the end zone. Conversion (extra points after a touchdown is scored) Attempted from the three-yard line. By running into the end zone with the ball scores 1 point. By passing into the end zone to a teammate scores 2 points. Safety scores 2 points. Catching the opposite team behind its own goal line with the ball. Ball is put in play at the quarter line at the beginning…show more content…
The quarterback run in any direction lateral, hands off anywhere on the field throw a forward pass the scrimmage line and only one forward pass per play. Any player may receive the pass and the defensive team may also intercept the pass and run with it. The play is dead when a ball carrier falls down, a flag is pulled, a fumble occurs, an incomplete pass, a scrimmage kick hits the ground or the ball goes out-of bounds. It is also dead if the runner's flag accidentally drops. The offense has four players called downs to move the ball to the next quarter line or make a touchdown. Centers must call the down number for their team as they hike the ball. The ball is dead if it touches the ground on the kick. A foul is any infringement of the rules which results in the loss of yardage. The captain of the offended team has the option of accepting or declining any penalty, whichever is to the team's best interest. If the penalty is declined, the number of the down is the same as if the foul had not occurred. Whenever the penalty is greater than the distance to the goal line,the penalty shall be half that of the remaining

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